Monday, December 08, 2014

Cloth Doll

A few months before Rachel was born, which seems like a very long time ago now, Mum went through the old toys she still had from when my sisters and I were girls and found three dolls. One of which was actually mine. A little scary that it was still around, but I guess I must have been super careful with my toys or something (actually, I remember getting that doll, so I must have been in the later years of primary school and then probably didn't even play with it too much at that age....). 

Anyway, here I am rambling about nothing, let me cut to the chase. We gave it to Sophie to play with when Rachel was born, and she kinda did for a while, though she'd probably prefer her bear to be completely honest. Sadly though, this 20 year old doll eventually became an amputee and I realised it was the perfect excuse for me to make her a new one. Yay! 

I had seen these online a while ago, and was pretty excited to have a chance at making them. I was going to get carried away and make a stack of them, but then I pulled my head in. I'm dead with windows and Christmas coming already. No sense making it worse. 

I pretty much stuck to the pattern, just made the body a little longer and added some modesty clothes onto the doll so she wouldn't be naked. In a stroke of fabulous luck, she was the perfect size for the clothes that mum had made for the other doll so she had an instant wardrobe. 

Sophie was pretty happy to play with her no matter what though. When I gave her to her, I did ask her what we should call her. 

"Doll," Sophie replies.

"But what should her name be?" I insist.


You win some, you loose some. Oh well. Here is Sophie with Doll. 

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Ruth Pereira said...

Haha. What a good solid name. I remember my little brother at a similar age named his cat puss. :-)